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Daniel Okoduwa is a Nigerian born actor, writer, singer, producer cum movie director.

Born and having grown up in the ancient city of Benin where art is tied to tradition and customs, he has lived most of his life in Australia.

Although, his name may not ring a bell in the Nigerian movie industry having spent more than 10 years abroad, Daniel has suddenly become a budding talent to seek out for, courtesy of Gossip Nation, the latest movie that is currently enjoy rave review in the media. 

Gossip Nation Trailer

His knack for high profile job was what led him in 2004 to team up with director Matthew Scott to produce the first African Australian film titled Death is a Diamond, a film that tells of the pain Africans were going through from conflict or blood diamonds.

In 2009 Daniel Okoduwa was invited by the prestigious Australian Centre for Photography (Nollywood Babylon) to lecture and contribute his unique perspective on Nigerian films and the context in which they are produced.

Love Lost and Temptation, a movie written and produced by Daniel Okoduwa was voted the m o s t watched afro Australian movie of all time. In May 2010 the movie was screened to a predominantly white Australian audience at the North Sydney community centre.

In 2010 Daniel who had worked with such international acts as Chaka Demus and Pliers, while on the set of young talented director Mike, music video shoots, asked Kang to direct a new African Australian movie, Gossip Nation, for him.

And today the Gossip Nation, which he claimed to be his most challenging film yet, has launched him into the league of Nigeria’s most gifted filmmaker in Diaspora. The movie featured Nigerian movie stars, Monalisa Chinda and Ejike Asiegbu.



Sydney Australia has a new group... and their taking the world by storm

'SAEA' stands for South Africa, Ethiopia and Angola the beautiful countries that our girls represent. 'BANYANA' from Nguni meaning the girls.

SAEA BANYANA boasts women that are creatives, professionals, proprietors and mothers. Through their performances they encourage women to be strong, independent and unafraid of their inner power.

Beyonce Girls Run the World Saea Banyana

The group have had the pleasure of not only performing for eager audiences around Sydney but have also been asked to participate in community enriching events and programs such as Refugee week, Women Empower Women International Conference and Olive Tree Womens Network It is extremely important to the group that they continue to support such organisations that strengthen our community. SAEA BANYANA are proud to say that their group not only entertains but also promotes cultural awareness, women empowerment, youth empowerment and physical motivation.


Audius Mtawarira, is a multi-ARIA Award winning Australian record producer, composer, artist and songwriter more commonly known as "Audius".

Audius Mtawarira was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and  resides in Sydney, Australia. After finishing his university degree in Perth, Australia he turned his attention writing and producing music. He started producing in 2002, producing the majority of Selwyn's album, Meant To Be which peaked at number nine on the ARIA Album charts and was certified Gold. In 2003 he collaborated with Delta Goodrem on Innocent Eyes co-writing and producing the number one single "Born to Try". The song debuted at number three before reaching number one on the Australian Singles chart, becoming Goodrem's first number one single. It spent three months in the top five and went on to sell over 210,000 copies, making it the third highest selling single of 2002. In the UK, it debuted and peaked the charts at number three, spending eleven weeks in the top forty and reached number one on the New Zealand singles charts. "Born to Try" won 'Single of the Year' at the ARIA Music Awards of 2003.

In 2004, Audius produced Australian Idol contestant Paulini's debut album One Determined Heart which produced number 1 hit "Angel Eyes" and went certified Platinum. In 2005 he co-wrote fellow-Idol Contestant Ricki-Lee Coulter's "Hell No!", which reached number five on the ARIA singles charts, and produced majority of her album.

After having some great success, Audius turned his attention to building his own studios and record label. He is a part owner of The Sound Academy studios in Sydney as well as record label Blindfaith Entertainment.

In 2008 Audius produced Jessica Mauboy's new album, Been Waiting, co-writing her single, "Running Back", which peaked at number three on the Australian singles charts 2008 also saw Audius launch his own fashion label Shona Clothing which is heavily influenced by his Zimbabwean heritage. "Running Back" won 'Highest Selling Single' at the ARIA Music Awards of 2009.

Solo career

Audius' solo recordings have garnered him popularity in his native Zimbabwe and South Africa. He has released 4 albums in Africa - 'Audius' (2002), 'Ever After' (2003), 'Music and Me' (2005) and 'Day Like This' (2008). His current release 'Day Like This' was also released in Australia through Blindfaith/Inertia. In 2003, Audius won the Best Urban Grooves (Male) at the Zimbabwe Music Awards.

Emanuel Wassef (Manny Boy)

Touted as one of the next big Rapper in Australian urban music, Manny Boy has shook Sydney’s underground in 2009 with his mixtape release which has gone as far as to the middle east. Manny Boy has sparked so much interest he has caught the eyes and ears of the industry waiting on his debut album.

To many music fans, Manny Boy first came on their radar with his remix of “Died in You Arms” released with his mixtape, Through the massive buzz Manny Boy received, he linked up with one of Australia’s hottest urban producer, Khaled who is now overseeing all production for Manny Boy’s debut album.

Emanuel Wassef (Manny Boy) is the product of Sudanese mother and a Egyptian father from Cairo, Egypt. He was born in 1986 in Cairo, Egypt. As a child, Manny moved to Sydney, Australia with his family to start a new life down under. He began rhyming as a teen in school growing up, taking his material to the school stage.

Today, the world is his stage performing in front of 10,000 people at one time and his positive energy and vibe has never failed to lift the spirits of his fans. He has performed all around Australia and internationally in Dubai, Africa and Egypt at music festivals and clubs, only forging his name for future success internationally.

He has formed the company and record label Smash Factory with partners Carey George and Khaled who’s producing for his debut album, Manny expanded his brand in 2009 with a mixtape release which became hot property for music lovers across Sydney.

 Tim Omaji, better known by his stage name Timomatic, is an Australian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and dancer. Timomatic rose to fame as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance (Australia) in 2009 and placed seventh in the competition. In 2011, he appeared as a contestant on the fifth season of Australia's Got Talent and was placed third. Later that year, Timomatic signed to Sony Music Australia, and released his debut single "Set It Off" in November 2011. The single reached number two on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

Timomatic - Australia's Got Talent 2011 GRAND FINAL! - FULL

Australia's Got Talent 2011 Final Showdown 2 - Timomatic

2011–present: Record deal and commercial success

In October 2011, Timomatic served as a supporting act for American rapper Flo Rida's Australian tour. On 17 November, it was announced that Timomatic had signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia. On 24 November, he was a support act for American hip hop group Salt-n-Pepa's Australian concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. Timomatic's debut single "Set It Off" was released on 25 November. Timomatic co-wrote "Set It Off" with production team DNA Songs, who also produced the song. The single peaked at number two on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), for selling 70,000 digital copies."Set It Off" has also appeared on the New Zealand Singles Chart at number 14.

On 12 January 2012, it was announced that Timomatic has signed a global publishing deal with EMI.


With attitude and personality to spare, and diva vocals that rival the likes of Whitney Houston and Beyonce Knowles, Zimbabwe born Tarisai Vushe is a force to be reckoned with. The 22 year old has been singing for 18years, but made her true commitment to a career in music when she was only eight years of age..

Tarisai travelled from Zimbabwe to Australia in her mid teens with her mother and was d
etermined to perfect her skills as a performer, whilst studying hard at school to ensure a place at university. To contribute to her already outstanding talents, she studied several styles of dance including hip hop, jazz, African, & belly dancing; and also participated in a talent development project between 2003 & 2004.

Tarisai has showcased her talents in various television programs and events, including channel sevens Big Arvo in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she became a household name, starring on channel tens Australian Idol, making it to the top 5. She blew audiences away with her larger than life personality and seemingly effortless delivery of super ballads like Whitney Houstons ‘I have nothing’, and ‘River Deep, Mountain High’.

Tarisai has worked with some of biggest names in the Australian entertainment industry including David Caplice, John Foreman, David Champion, & Producer Audius Mtawarira. Tarisai has recently signed a record deal with independent label, Tommirock Records, and is currently in the process of writing and recording her debut album with ARIA charting producer Tom Williams. Her album will be out mid 2010.


Mike Champion singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist, was born in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia on the 2nd December 1983.

Of South African descent this young star was born only a year after his parents immigrated to Australia. At an early age it became apparent to his parents that Mike had a natural ability to sing, dance and captivate just about any audience with his raw talent. At the age of eight Mike joined a band with his sisters and began rapping as “Micky C” as at various nightclubs around Sydney.

During his school years “Micky C” began writing songs after realising he was able to connect lyrics with melodies. He would often be found in his bedroom late at night writing and singing to himself. After finishing school, “Micky C” became Mike Champion and with support of his oldest sister, Melanie, and parents, headed to the studio to record his first demo of three songs he had written at the age of 15.

Upon coming of age, Mike began performing (legally!) his original music household name in the local urban music scene, Mike Champion has shared stages with the likes of Akon, TPain, Bobby Valentino,Boyz II Men, Flo‐Rida, KCi and JoJo, Horace Brown, Kid Cudi, Rashaan Patterson, Teddy Riley and Blackstreet as well as local icons Scarlett Belle, Short Stack, K1, Gary Pinto, Don Dolla, Selwyn and the Killa Queenz. Mike also works with under-privileged youth on various programs and is one of the few artists who, to this day, has remained true to his art and, more importantly, to himself.


ASA (meaning "dance" in the Akan language of Ghana) is a group of talented young women dedicated to bringing traditional dance forms from all regions of Ghana to the stage, they combine these dances with contemporary and modern dance forms and music to make each performance a unique journey through time, through Ghana, Africa and through the imagination!

They are regulars across Sydney's various African and multicultural events and festivals including Auburn's "celebration of African Cultures" "the Africa Festival" in Hyde Park, Bankstown's 'Reclaim the Night' and more. They also featured in the UN International Year for People of African Descent events in July and October of 2011 and run workshops for schools to raise awareness and educate young Australians about the differences and diversity in each African culture, using dance as a tool.

These ladies bust every stereotype about African dance with their beautiful energetic performances and are sure to blow audiences away!


Effie Nkrumah
is a graduate of the Performance course at UWS (Theatre Nepean), being the first and only student of Ghanaian descent to go through that course. She has a simple cause – to encourage young creative African Australians, especially women, to push through and pursue careers in the arts. Her own creative career is aimed at being an example for others to follow grow on and use as a launching pad for their own careers.

Effie was third runner up in the first Miss Africa Australia Beauty Pageant and during her time in competition and in its subsequent years she took on the role of Performance Coordinator and Choreographer after which she went on to become a founding member of popular contemporary African dance group “ASA” (meaning Dance in the Akan language), the group graced conferences, private events and festivals all over Sydney through their energetic mixes of traditional and contemporary Ghanaian/West African dance and music.

Effie’s commitment to and passion for seeing young talented actors, dancers and singers of African descent on the stage as well as her interest in the ideas of Pan Africanism and the diaspora, drove her to choreograph and create works which evoke emotion, laughter and gave way to a new generation of aspiring performers.

She was asked to take the position of director of The African Theatre Initiative for Bankstown Youth Development Services (BYDS) in 2010 and 2011 and got her first directing credit with the original play No Time For Tears written by Sala Ibrahim, she then went on to direct Ghanaian writer Mohammed ben Abdallah’s play The Slaves to sold out audiences in 2010. This play was re-staged by popular request for the 2011 UN International Year for People of African Descent Forum and National Conference.

She was the project coordinator for the educational kit for Blacktown Arts Centre’s award winning play “My Name is Sud” in which she enabled young talented writers and artists a platform and chance to help educate others about the issues surrounding young people of all kinds of African Descent in diaspora.

Her film credits include Dangerous Women, aired on The Discovery Channel, Broken Pieces (short film about FGM directed by Ehran Edwards) AMEP/AMES Films, Love, Lost and Temptation (SCRIM Entertainment), and Fiona (Down Under Productions).

Theatre credits include Ama and Chan an original comedy in which she introduced Australia’s first Ghanaian Australian comedy character to the commercial stage, she was also cast in Urban Theatre Project’s collaboration with Belvoir St Theatre in Buried City a production staged for the Sydney Festival in 2012.

Effie also has film and theatre credits in Ghana, West Africa, including television drama Home Sweet Home and theatre production Mom is Dad; Dad is Mom, Sins of the Fathers and Trials of the Ghanaian by James Ebo Whyte of Roverman Productions. She is currently working in theatre in Ghana and plans to come back to Australia to create new vibrant works around the subject of the African diaspora.




 Laurette N James are RnB inspirational duo.Started singing together since they were 5 years old in church.Original from Congo D.R.C. grew up in Zimbabwe and embraced the passion of the gospel through their mother. Captivating fans of all age with inspirational lyrics and also being part of dreamers music group (DMG)founded by James to help young up coming artist with songwriting across Brisbane and Sydney especially in the African communities. Laurette has performed recently in the acclaimed theatre production I Am Here with Queensland theatre company,at the Brisbane Powerhouse . Laurette n James Released their first single distributed by def jams records ,Set up your mind in 2010 on itunes ,written by Laurette and James, produced by Jonny Juliano.This song was written to raise awareness on black and white racial issues around the world. Laurette N James work as independent artists and as songwriters under APRA MUSIC Australia, performing at large festivals such as Woodfold Folk Festival, Miss Africa Australia and World refugee day.In 2011 they were the winners of Australia African Talent show and numbers of talent shows before then.  


LEGEND: Dorinda Halfner is the African Australian Woman of the Year Award Winner. A  foremost African in media, television, advertising, celebrity chef, entertainer, public speaker, marriage celebrant, author of 7 books and most celebrated African in South Australia and in Australia. In 2012,  the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,  congratulated  and recognized Dorinda as one of the 40 Australians champions independently selected as the new People of Australia Ambassadors

Dorinda burst onto our TV screens all over the world with her very successful Documentary series "A Taste of Africa" and it's subsequent international best-selling book by the same name.  To this day it remains (in it's many revised forms) the most interesting and sought-after book of it's kind in the world. 

She has 5 "A Taste of" series spanning the UK, US, the Caribbean and beyond and her shows are seen in over 48 countries.  Her books have been translated into 5 languages and most recently Dorinda is virtual and is broadcasting her amazing talents and skills as not just a food anthropologist and author but a public speaker, a designer, an artist, a storyteller not just for kids but for all ages who love to see and hear the soul of a true free spirit.

Music springs from her as she moves, talks and communicates, but she has also released her own music on CD.  Now, with the advent of the digital revolution and the speedy change to the internet for our communication, you can purchase her books, music and DVD stories right here online.

Dorinda: Room Service (Send me a Man)


Fofo Folly, aka "
MaxiBoy", a Togolese, is the 2011 Young African Australian Movie Producer of the Year Award.

He is an active singer / dancer, and self-employed music producer and filmmaker.

Fofo has established a small business providing audio-visual services to other African youth and has participated in many community based projects as a participant, team leader and mentor.

Fofo has produced two short films on issues facing African refugee youth and is an active member of the Togolese community.

(Watch Music Video by MaxiBoy --"I WANT IT"

YouTube Video

Neo Pitso
was born in South Africa and moved to Australia in 2004. He has been involved in many community projects mainly dealing with music and has received numerous awards for his contributions:

Australian Defence Force Award for Leadership
Caltex Award for Leadership
Josiah Mitton Award for Outstanding Student Overall plus many more.

In the field of music he has supported many famous artists and is on demand. He has supported:

Jessica Mauboy, The Game, Nas, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Tila Tequila, Cassidy, DJ Drama, Montel Jordan, Chingy and many more across Australia.

He has also performed across Australia at various Miss Africa beauty pageants.

A song he wrote in 2005 was promoted in every school in South Australia to warn young people about the dangers of smoking. In 2006 he was sponsored by Channel 9 for a documentary which was about his journey with his music so far. Channel 9 also sponsored a music video for Neo.

In 2010 his old university Flinders University used him in a campaign to lure prospective students to the university. Neo helped the university make an advert which was uploaded online and can be seen on this link 

The advert has since been viewed on television across South Australia, Queensland and Victoria and this has helped Neo with his music career.

In 2011 the Governor of South Australia awarded him a 'highly commended' award for his excellence in the field of music.

Neo has performed more than 200 times since he arrived in Australia in front of a variety of venues, including schools, clubs, charities, stadiums, theatres, halls, libraries, night clubs, youth centres, festivals etc

Neo is an example of a self-driven and highly motivated individual who is dedicated to his music and aspires to leave a lasting legacy in the music industry.

Jean-Marc Agbogba, originally from the Ivory Coast, is principal dancer and director of newly established Dance Company, "Sun of Africa" which has taken Adelaide by storm.

Jean is the 2011 African-Australian Performance Arts of the Year Award Winner.

He's one of the most outstanding African drummers, artists, dancers, choreographers and flute players in Australia and has been featured in various TV programs.

Jean-Marc & Teame Ersie-performance in australia Chanel ten

Fresh from his world tour with the "Mother Africa Circus", Jean-Marc has gathered together and trained a talented group of Dancers and Musicians who have performed in Australia at various functions --such as  the Adelaide Come Out Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival.

While currently developing his plans for a large Dance Spectacular inspired by his African roots, he has also begun classes in both African dance as well as his ‘Afrotonic’ fitness classes in conjunction with Latin Dance Nation of Unley, South Australia.


Superstar - Sheela Langeberg

Internationally renowned and multi-award winning artist Sheela Langeberg is one of the most influential and written about Africans in Australia today, as well as one of its most prized artistic and cultural treasures.

Born, raised and educated in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, with additional studies in Scandinavia, she now makes Adelaide her home and the new center of her worldwide creative ventures.

Sheela has written, composed and produced five music albums, a book (for children), 62 stage productions for all ages, and has toured around the globe. Her vibrant, captivating performances are the reason that she's continually adding new venues to her already frequent repeat appearances, year after year.

Sheela Langeberg


The Songambele International Gospel band was originally formed in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Most of the performers have since resettled in Adelaide. Their exciting blend of gospel music and dance has entertained audiences at the grand final at AAMI stadium and other local events.They have also performed at Granville Community which located in Sydney (NSW).


The African Warriors have performed in some of the biggest circuses and festivals in the world, as well as performing for some of the largest entertainment companies and theme parks.

From the street theatres of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in Eastern part of Africa, a group of local boys trained endlessly to refine their art and became the Afrikan Warriors!

The name Afrikan Warriors was derived from their ancestral warriors, their great-grandfathers who fought for independence, climbed to the top of Great Mt. Kilimanjaro, put the Tanzanian Flag in celebration of their freedom of i

Although these times have come to pass the Afrikan Warriors still carry their ancestral spirit of their freedom fighters in their choreographed Acrobatics and Traditional Dance performances in their shows.

The art of Acrobatics has become part of their lives and today the Afrikan Warriors have performed more than 2000 shows in different continents in the last 15 years, bringing the spirit of their ancestors to life.

Some of the circuses and festivals the Afrikan Warriors have performed at include;

• Zippos Circus (England)
• Circus Vegas (Northern Ireland)
• Planet Circus (England)
• Uncle Sam’s American Circus (England)
• The Bagamoyo festival (Tanzania)
• The Wireless festival (England)
• Glastonbury festival (England)
• Silvers Circus (Australia)
• Cirque Roger-Lanzac (World Tour)

The Afrikan Warriors main Base is now in Tasmania (Australia), the United Kingdom, and  Ireland.



Dean Stanley Geyer is a South-African born-Australian singer-songwriter and actor who came third in the 2006 season of the talent contest Australian Idol, and currently portrays Reynolds in Terra Nova.

Within weeks after the series finale of Australian Idol, Dean signed an exclusive recording contract with SonyBMG in 2006. Dean released his first single, "If You Don't Mean It" which premiered on radio stations on 5 April 2007. The single was released to iTunes on 5 May 2007. The single peaked on the ARIA Charts at number 10. The album, recorded in early February, was released on 26 May 2007.

Dean released his debut album, Rush on 26 May 2007. The album peaked at number 7 on the ARIA Charts. In late 2007, Dean toured as a supporting act across Australia for ARIA Award-Winning music duo The Veronicas on there "Hook Me Up" tour. He would later appear in the duo's music video for "This Love", playing the love interest of Lisa Origliasso his then fiancée.

In November 2007, Ten Network announced Dean has signed on to become a series regular on the long-time running Australian Soap Opera, Neighbours.  Dean Geyer made his acting and Neighbours debut on 27 March 2008. He portrays the role of Ty Harper, a law-school dropout and aspiring musician. On the 19 May 2008 episode, Geyer performed a duet with Neighbours Co-Star, Caitlin Stasey which their characters Rachel and Ty performed at the Erinsborough High School Formal. The song became a cult success and reached the ARIA download charts at number 40. Despite a series favorite, Geyer left the series during the first half of 2009 to concentrate his music career.

In June 2010, Dean was announced to make his film debut in the Action Drama film Never Back Down 2. He will star alongside MMA fighter, Scott Epstein with Actor Michael Jai White to make his directional debut. Filming took place in September 2010 and wrapped in November. The film is set for a 13 September 2011 release.

Dean Geyer can currently be seen in "Terra Nova" and the film "Never Back Down 2".


2004 Won TREV Awards (Tertiary Recreation Entertainment Victoria) Best Acoustic Act James Dean (Dean Geyer's Band)
2007 Won Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards Fave Hottie
2009 Nominated Logie Awards of 2009 Most Popular New Male Talent Neighbours
2006 TV Guide Australia's "Hottest Guys on Television"
2006 POPrepublic.tvm "Male Hottie of 2006"


Etienne T Dinanga is a Congolese-Australian musician and youth worker with a passion for service.

An accomplished musician in his own country, Etienne performed as part of an elite musical group employed to perform at government events however was forced to flee after the onslaught of war.  Since arriving in Australia in 2001, he has performed extensively at festivals, community events, schools, and churches with his band Vex Congo, inspiring and uplifting Australian audiences with their sweet harmonies and irresistible rhythms and their powerful message of faith in God even in the darkest of times.  Vox Congo were awarded Best African Gospel Band Award in Australia and have been described as ‘some of the best soukous sounds Australia has ever heard.’ 

Etienne has also collaborated with numerous other artists. He has performed as part of the duo ‘Etienne and Rene’ as well as helping to establish the a cappella group ‘Kundalila.’ 

While for Etienne music has always been a tool for expressing his faith, promoting social justice, and revealing the universalism of human experience across diverse cultures, he has always had a particular passion for using his music to empower and inspire young people to achieve their full potential.  It is a passion that drew him to conducting presentations and workshops in schools, working with church youth groups, and finally leading him in 2007 to complete his studies in youth work at RMIT in Melbourne.  Since then, Etienne has worked in a number of different community organizations and currently works with young people exiting custody at Brosnan Youth Services. 


Dynamic duo THE FLYBZ hit the airwaves at leading Melbourne community radio station 3RRR recently to talk about their involvement with Jesuit Social Services' just cycle yarra valley bike ride and concert.

Unrivalled by their dedication to hip hop, FLYBZ's Fablice and G-storm made Australia their home in 2007 and have been building their reputation for delivering energetic and passionate hip hop ever since.

As a young refugee, from the African country of Burundi, Fablice was forced to move to the bordering Tanzania to live with his sister.

It was here in Tanzania, that Fablice met G-Storm and what started as a friendship turned into something more as the boys began to use music as a means to tell their story; a story of universal importance, of struggle, turmoil and loss but more powerfully of embracing life and love while taking a stance on discrimination and promoting their political messages.

With the ravages of war and deteriorating living conditions in Tanzania, Fablice and G-Stome came to Australia to start a new life and to share their experiences through music.

Since 2007 the boys have played with Diafrix, Killer Queens and Black Roots, while also taking to the stage at Moomba, Our Backyard and the Emerge Festival.

FLYBZ has had 15 musical performances in places as various as Xavier College in Kew, at the Brosnan Youth Centre in Brunswick, at African homework clubs  run by JSS  in Flemington and St Albans, at the Artful Dodgers studio in Collingwood, at fundraising cocktail parties in South Yarra, at a concert in Red Hill staged by one of our supporters, at a rock concert at North Melbourne Town Hall and many other shows

Fablice has also worked as boundary umpire at the RRR Community Cup Football game and made a big impression on famed singer Paul Kelly who invited him to a personal footy training session.

As part of promoting JSS's JUST CYCLE event he also met former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks with whom he appeared in a photo in the Herald Sun

Fablice is also on the new compilation CD JUST MUSIC  released to mark 35th years of Jesuit Social Services.

Founded in Australia in 2008, Asanti Dance Theatre is an internationally recognised African drum and dance performance company that have worked with professionals, students and travelers from around the world. They play, teach, perform and entertain leaving a long lasting impression on those who cross their paths.

Directed by Appiah Annan, Australia’s leading African drum and dance practitioner, this highly energetic drum and dance ensemble present an unforgettable experience of African music, dance and culture fused with the contemporary influences of Australia. Asanti has quickly evoked interest from the Australian public and continues to grow rapidly. Bookings are now sought out well in advance and the company performs and runs workshops at all kinds of events including festivals, schools, corporate events, weddings and much more.


This hand selected multicultural group consist of dancers and musicians from a plethora of backgrounds, each bringing their own unique style and technique to company. Collectively the group have performed throughout Africa, Europe and Australia with notable performances including headlining the New Years Eve celebrations at Federation Square (2009/10), Woodford Folk Festival (2008/09), Australian Dance Awards (2009), choreographing and performing with Sir Richard Branson (2010), and Moomba (2011) to name a few.


Bitsat was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She attended Felege Yordanos Elementary School (starting at age 4) and Shemeles Habte Secondary School in Addis Ababa. After finishing school, a friend heard Bitsat’s voice and encouraged her to perform. One thing led to another and Bitsat found herself beginning her singing career in azmari bets 20 years ago. An azmari bet is a traditional venue where musicians (azmaris), including singers, instrumentalists and dancers, perform traditional and popular music in Ethiopia. Not long after Bitsat’s talent was ‘discovered’, she began touring the world, performing in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and throughout Africa. 

Before long, Bitsat had begun recording her songs, working with all the big names of that musical era. Mulatu Astatke, who visited Australia twice in 2010, and is often referred to as the father of Ethio-jazz, arranged the music for Bitsat’s first cassette recording. Bitsat performed and recorded alongside other big names: Tilahun Gessesse (singer), Gultu Tefera (arranger), Tederos Afro A.K.A. Teddy Afro (composer), Moges Teka (composer), Mulugeta Tesfaye (lyricist) and Yelema Gebreabe (lyricist), among others. Her lyricists were masters of the Amharic poetic form “wax and gold” – a type of traditional poetry characterised by double meanings. For 20 years, Bitsat ran her own successful business in Melbourne, named BITSAT (“gift for God”), and became famous for her witty and skillful improvisations of “wax and gold” poetry. In her spare time, Bitsat has always loved reading books and cooking traditional Ethiopian food.